CraneCrest Faux Fur Coat in Red-Crowned Crane


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Introducing our CraneCrest Faux Fur Coat – a robust expression of style and strength inspired by the indomitable red-crowned crane.

  • Ethical Opulence in 100% Faux Fur:Indulge in the lavish comfort of our CraneCrest Coat, entirely enveloped in 100% faux fur. This garment is a testament to our unwavering commitment to animal-friendly fashion, ensuring both style and ethical responsibility.
  • Red-Crowned Crane: Symbol of Dominance: Drawing inspiration from the commanding red-crowned crane, this ensemble exudes dominance. Our CraneCrest Coat is more than just a coat; it’s a symbol of your commitment to the untamed, reflecting your respect for the animal kingdom in a strong and resolute manner.
  • Bold Silhouette with Square Collar Lapel: The CraneCrest Coat features a square collar lapel, adding a bold and masculine silhouette to your winter style. Make a confident statement with a coat designed for those who embrace strength with style.

Step into our CraneCrest Faux Fur Coat – where the wild meets rugged masculinity, and strength converges with style, embodying the essence of the red-crowned crane in every robust detail. Choose the length that suits your style and make a statement that resonates with the untamed spirit.


  • 100% made with faux fur


  • Red-Crowned Crane


*The size is measured by hand, the deviation range is 1cm-3cm.


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