MammothMajesty Faux Fur Coat in Mammoth


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Introducing our MammothMajesty Faux Fur Coat – a bold fusion of style, warmth, and ethical admiration.

  • Ethical Opulence in 100% Faux Fur: Indulge in unparalleled comfort with our MammothMajesty Coat, entirely enveloped in 100% faux fur. This garment is a testament to formidable style and an unwavering commitment to animal-friendly fashion.
  • Mammoth-Inspired Design: Drawing inspiration from the extinct mammoth, the coat exudes elegance with its long-hair design. This feature not only pays homage to the mammoth but also serves as a striking visual representation, advocating for animal protection and reflecting profound awe for the animal kingdom.
  • Refined Square Collar Lapel Design: Command attention with the square collar lapel design of our MammothMajesty Coat. This distinctive feature seamlessly merges contemporary aesthetics with a classic silhouette, creating a bold and sophisticated look that echoes the grandeur of the extinct mammoth.
  • Versatility in Long and Mid-Length Styles: Crafted for both style and adaptability, our MammothMajesty offers versatility with both long and mid-length options. Choose the length that suits your style, ensuring optimal warmth and making a resolute fashion statement inspired by the majestic mammoth.

Step into our MammothMajesty Faux Fur Coat – where elegance meets ethical responsibility, warmth meets versatility, and a tribute to the extinct mammoth echoes in every sophisticated detail.


  • 100% made with faux fur


  • Mammoth


*The size is measured by hand, the deviation range is 1cm-3cm.


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