PolarStrand Faux Fur Long Coat


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Introducing our PolarStrand Faux Fur Long Coat – a rugged fusion of boldness, warmth, and ethical consciousness designed for the modern gentleman.

  • Ethical Opulence in 100% Faux Fur: Embrace robust warmth guilt-free with our PolarStrand Coat, meticulously crafted from 100% faux fur that is thoughtfully chosen to be entirely harmless to animals. This coat stands as a symbol of both rugged style and ethical responsibility, ensuring your fashion choices align with compassion.
  • Full Coverage of High-Quality Faux Fur: Conquer the elements in unparalleled comfort with the full coverage of high-quality faux fur in our PolarStrand Coat. Carefully selected for its robust texture and insulation properties, this faux fur guarantees optimal warmth, creating a coat that is as resilient as it is stylish.
  • Stand-Up Collar Design for Commanding Presence: Command attention with the stand-up collar design of the PolarStrand Coat. This commanding feature adds an element of rugged sophistication, framing your face and providing additional protection against the winter chill, making it a go-to choice for both formal and adventurous occasions.
  • Side Seam Pockets for Tactical Versatility: Experience tactical versatility without compromising style with the side seam pockets of the PolarStrand Coat. These well-placed pockets not only add a touch of functionality but also contribute to the rugged and streamlined aesthetic of the coat.
  • Three Color Options for Manly Expression: Choose from three distinctive color options with our PolarStrand Coat – Arctic White, Obsidian Black, and a striking half-and-half black and white combination. This variety allows you to express your manly style while embracing the timeless ruggedness of a long faux fur coat.

Elevate your winter wardrobe with our PolarStrand Faux Fur Long Coat – where rugged responsibility meets modern sophistication, warmth intertwines with style, and the essence of timeless boldness echoes in every detail. Choose a coat that resonates with both masculine finesse and compassion.


  • 100% made with faux fur


  • Black & White
  • Arctic White
  • Obsidian Black


*The size is measured by hand, the deviation range is 1cm-3cm.


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